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Commonly Confused Words 03 - Lesson

Study these words, then take a quiz.

principal (n) A person who has controlling authority or is in a leading position.
  Example: The principal of my school is Mrs. Mallory.

principle (n) A comprehensive and fundamental law, doctrine, or assumption.
  Example: Killing someone goes against my principles. I won't do it.

stationary (adj) Unmoving. Immobile.
  Example: A stationary bicycle is a popular device for exercise.

stationery (n) Materials (as paper, pens, and ink) for writing or typing; letter paper usually accompanied with matching envelopes.
  Example: Our company needs to buy more stationery for the supply closet.

sense (v) To feel.
  Example: I sensed someone behind me. I turned around, but nobody was there.

since (adv) Adverb meaning from a definite past time until now.
  Example: I have worn glasses since I was a young girl.

suit (n) A set of garments.
  Example: My husband wore a three-piece suit to our wedding.

suite (n) A group of rooms occupied as a unit.
  Example: After our wedding, we went back to the hotel suite to change clothes and open wedding gifts.

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