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Commonly Confused Words 03 - Lesson

Study these words, then take a quiz.

human (adj) Relating to or typical of human beings. Representative of the sympathies and frailties of human nature.
  Example: It's ok to make mistakes. You're only human!

humane (adj) Showing compassion, sympathy, or consideration for humans or animals.
  Example: It was very humane of you to give the homeless man your sweater.

persecute (v) To make somebody the victim of harassment. To annoy someone with persistent approaches.
  Example: The red gang members enjoy persecuting the blue gang members.

prosecute (v) To bring legal action against someone for punishment of a crime or violation of law.
  Example: The state will prosecute the defendant for murder.

personal (adj) Relating to an individual. Private, individual.
  Example: Celebrities do not want their personal lives written about in tabloid newspapers.

personnel (n) The division of a company responsible for hiring workers.
  Example: Take your application to the personnel office.

precede (v) To come before or in front of.
  Example: The older students will precede the younger students.

proceed (v) To continue after a pause or interruption. To go on in an orderly regulated way. To begin and carry on an action.
  Example: Congratulations! You may proceed to the next level now.

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