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Commonly Confused Words 02 - Quiz

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censor censored censoring censure censured
complement complemented compliment complimented complimenting
conscientious conscious conscience   

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 1. When you say something nice to someone, you are   that person.
 2. I told a big lie, and now my is really bothering me.
 3. Do you think that schools should library books on campus?
 4. Yum! The marshmallows really the hot chocolate.
 5. Sometimes Peter isn't of how his actions affect other people.
 6. When the Senator made inappropriate comments, he was by the Senate Committee.
 7. Ben is very about doing his homework.
 8. In my opinion, the colors orange and purple don't each other very well.
 9. The network is the movie in order to broadcast it on television.
10. Try to trust your . You can make the right decision.

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