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[-ation] NOUN / VERB STUDY - Vocabulary Quiz 3 - Words beginning with D

Study the words here 

1. Your numbers are difficult to read. I can't   your 7 from your 1, or your 4 from your 9.
Please write your numbers more carefully.

2. We did a listening exercise in class today. We took   from the teacher.

3. We received your generous  . Thank you very much.

4. Lions and tigers are wild animals. People can't fully   them. 

5. The  took three hours.

6. Was there a lot of   over the proposed change? 

7. The miners will  the dynamite at 8:00.

8. The secretary made a loud  that she would no longer make coffee for the entire office!

9. When the government  the telephone compnay, it opened the door to many new telephone companies.

10. The   in the 1960s was widespread.

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