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[-ation] NOUN / VERB STUDY - Vocabulary List - Words beginning with D

declare (v)
The president declared the mission a success.
declaration (n) The Declaration of Independence was written in 1776.

degenerate (v)
The ice sculpture eventually degenerated into a puddle of water.
degeneration (n) Alzheimer's Disease is a gradual degeneration of brain cells.

delegate (v)
The king delegated the unpleasant task of collecting taxes to the soldiers.
delegation (n) The delegation from Uganda made the final decision.

deliberate (v)
Congress is deliberating the new bill.
deliberation (n) The deliberation of the proposed free school lunch program is in session.

delineate (v)
The road is delineated into three lanes by painted lines.
delineation (n) The delineation of the character in the book was developed slowly.

demonstrate (v)
I'd like to demonstrate how to use this helful new tool.
demonstration (n) The demonstration of the new tool was very interesting.

deregulate (v)
The company must deregulate its franchises.
deregulation (n) The deregulation will take place next month.

derive (v)
The word "smog" is derived from "smoke" and "fog."
derivation (n) The derivation of the word "smog" stems from "smoke" and "fog."

desecrate (v)
Vandals desecrated the cemetary last night.
desecration (n) The desecration of a dozen graves occurred in the cemetary last night.

desegregate (v)
All the schools in the US were desegregated by the late 1960s.
desegregation (n) The desegregation of the schools was long overdue.

determine (v)
This machine determines the winner.
determination (n) How did you come up with that determination?

detonate (v)
The miners detonate dynamite to make larger holes in the mine walls.
detonation (n) Before the detonation, they must sound the alarms three times.

dictate (v)
Kevin's supervisor dictated the figures of the sales report to everyone in the meeting.
dictation (n) Kevin took dictation during the meeting.

differentiate (v)
You can differentiate an alligator from a crocodile by the shape of the animal's jaw.
differentiation (n) The differentiation isn't so important when you see that big set of teeth coming at you!

discriminate (v)
It is illegal to discriminate against applicants based on nationality.
discrimination (n) Discrimination is a problem that many foreign students face when living in the United States.

document (v)
Please document any problems you should have with this machine.
documentation (n) I don't understand the documentation that came with our new printer.

domesticate (v)
The Egyptians domesticated cats thousands of years ago.
domestication (n) The domestication of wild horses was helpful for the indiginous people of this region.

dominate (v) In a pack of dogs, one dog always dominates all the others.
domination (n) The domination of that tiny country was achieved easily.

donate (v) I want to donate money to your cause.
donation (n) Marco made a donation to the church.

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