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Simple Present VS. Present Progressive
Lesson + Exercise 1

In this lesson, we'll practice the difference between
simple present and present progressive:

-daily actions  He works Monday-Friday.
-facts  He is a carpenter.
-general truths  The sun is a star.
-habitual activity  He bites his nails.
Look for "present tense" key words. For example: often, usually, sometimes, every day, etc.

Steve plays tennis every Saturday.
-a habitual activity?
-an action happening now?

Peter works at Taco Bell. 
He is working now.
He works Monday-Friday.

Paula and Fabiana study French.
It's a fact.
It's happening now.

-actions happening now  I am studying right now.
 He is talking to Sara.
 They are working at this time.
-longtime ongoing actions  I am studying to become a lawyer.
 She is training to be an Olympic athlete.
-to complain  My roommate is always leaving his socks on the floor!
Look for "present progressive" key words. For example: right now, now, at this moment, at this time, etc.

Sam is playing tennis right now.
-a habitual activity?
-an action happening now?

John is working at Disneyland.
He is at work right now.
He works Monday-Friday.

Paula and Fabiana are studying French.
It's a fact.
It's happening now.

READ the sentence, CHOOSE the answer, and get your score instantly!

1) I ____ to school every morning. I'm studying English.
(a) go
(b) am going

2) Ferris ____ English for two hours every evening. He's a good student.
(a) studies
(b) is studying

3) My friend is from Korea, but he ____ in California right now.
(a) stays
(b) is staying

4) Lee ____ from Korea. His hometown is Seoul.
(a) comes 
(b) is coming

5) ____ they ___ notebooks in that store? I need a new one.
(a) Do...sell

6) ____ you ___ to the store right now?
(a) Do...go
(b) Are...going

7) Sylvia and Mary ___ friends. They are going shopping together.
(a) are
(b) are being

8) Sylvia and Mary usually____ lunch at the mall when they go shopping together.
(a) are eating
(b) eat

9) Mary ____ lunch for Sylvia this week.
(a) is buying
(b) buys

10) However, Sylvia usually ___ her own lunch.
(a) is buying
(b) buys

You have correct answers out of 10

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