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Simple Present VS. Simple Past

Lesson + Exercise 1
In this lesson, we'll practice the difference between simple present and simple past:
-daily actionsHe works Monday-Friday.
-factsHe is a carpenter.
-general truthsThe sun is a star.
-habitual activityHe bites his nails.

Look for "present tense" key words: 
often, usually, sometimes, every day, etc.

-finished actions She worked yesterday.
He called me last week.
They studied last night.

Look for "past tense" key words:
last week, three days ago, yesterday, etc.

Steve plays tennis every Saturday.
-every Saturday = a habitual activity
-plays tennis = finished action

Peter lives in Chicago. 
Peter lives in another city. (The action is finished.)
Peter still lives in Chicago. (The action is daily.)

Paula and Fabiana are students.
It's a fact.
It's a finished action.

Sam played tennis last Saturday.
-played tennis = finished action
-played tennis = habitual activity

John lived in California for two years.
He lives in another state now. (The action is finished.)
He lives in California now. (The action is daily.)

They were here last week.
They are gone now.
They are here now.

READ the sentence, CHOOSE the answer, and get your score instantly!
1) I ____ English two years ago. Now I'm studying German.
studied  study 

2) Ferris ____ English for two hours every evening. He's a good student.
studied  studies 

3) My friend ____ in Korea last year. He stayed in Seoul.
lived  lives 

4) Lee ____ in Korea. His hometown is Seoul.
lived  lives 

5) ____ they ___ notebooks in that store? I need a new one.
Did...sell  Do...sell 

6) ____ you ___ your old car last month? 
Did...sell  Do...sell 

7) Sylvia and Mary ___ friends. They are going shopping together.
were  are 

8) Sylvia and Mary usually____  lunch at the mall when they go shopping together.
ate  eat 

9) Mary ____ lunch for Sylvia last week.
bought  buys 

10) Sylvia usually ___ her own lunch.
bought  buys 

You have correct answers out of 10.

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