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Past and Perfect Tenses 2

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1) Last week our company ___ a new advertising campaign.
a. begun b. began
c. have begun d. did begin
e. had begun

2) In the past six months we ___ on three new supervisors and fifty new employees.
a. were hiring b. have been hiring
c. have hired d. had hired
e. had been hiring

3) It ___ since early this morning.
a. did snow b. has snow
c. snows d. has been snowing
e. was been snowing

4) That company ___ a new product in January.
a. introduced b. did introduce
c. has introduced d. have introduced
e. has been introducing

5) The XYZ Company ___ a lot of money in research and product development before they launched their new product line.
a. was spending b. did spend
c. have spent d. had spent
e. have already been spending

6) Frank ___ English for 6 years. Now he studies French.
a. studied b. have been studying
c. studying d. has been studied
e. have studied

7) Mr. Johnson ___ here since 1972.
a. was worked b. were working
c. have worked d. did work
e. has been working

8) My assistant ___ the sales reports all day.
a. are figuring b. did figure
c. have figured d. has been figuring
e. have been figuring

9) It took Peter a long time to finish the sales report because the figures ___ correctly.
a. weren't add up b. hasn't added up
c. have added up d. haven't been adding up
e. weren't adding up

10) Last month Sara ___ to California on vacation.
a. went b. have gone
c. had went d. did go
e. had been going

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