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Active and Passive Voice

Directions:Choose the correct passive sentence for each active sentence below.
When you are finished, click on the Check Answers button to check your answers.
1. Science and biology fascinate me.
Science and biology are fascinated by me.
I am fascinated by science and biology.
No passive answer possible.
2. Some people in Canada speak French.
Some people in French speak Canada.
Canada is spoken by some French people.
French is spoken in Canada by some people.
3. My aunt made this dress for me.
My aunt has made this dress for me.
This aunt was made by my dress for me.
This dress was made for me by my aunt.
4. Douglas baked a cake!
Douglas was baked by a cake!
A cake was baked by Douglas!
No passive answer possible.
5. An accident happened yesterday.
Yesterday was an accident happened.
An accident was happened yesterday.
No passive answer possible.
6. Did Shakespeare write the book, "Anne of Green Gables?"
Shakespeare was by "Anne of Green Gables" written?
Did "Anne of Green Gables" was written by Shakespeare? 
Was "Anne of Green Gables" written by Shakespeare?
7. People enjoy climbing mountains.
People was climbed by mountains.
Mountains enjoy being climbed by people.
No passive answer possible.
8. People found a Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton in Saskatchewan, Canada.
People were found in Saskatchewan, Canada.
A Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton was found in Saskatchewan, Canada.
No passive answer possible.
9. Video games are fun to play.
Fun is to play video games.
Games are fun to play video.
No passive answer possible.
10. People sing 'O Canada' before important Canadian events.
'O Canada' is sung before important Canadian events.
'O Canada! is before important Canadian events sung.
No passive answer possible.

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