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Study this chart that shows how to change active sentences into passive sentences:
Active: Passive:
Future with WILL
I will mail the gift.
Jack will mail the gifts.
Future with WILL
The gift  will be mailed  by me.
The gifts  will be mailed  by Jack.
Future with GOING TO
I am going to make the cake.
Sue is going to make two cakes.
Future with GOING TO
The cake  is going to be  made  by me.
Two cakes  are going to be  made  by Sue.

Change the active verbs to passive verbs in the sentences below.
Click on the Check Answers button.
1)  Elaine will mail the postcard.
The postcard    by Elaine.
2)  David is going to buy a new car.
A new car    by David.
3)  Terry will clean the classroom.
The classroom    by Terry.
4)  Steve is going to smash the aluminum cans.
The aluminum cans    by Steve.
5)  Each student will write a composition.
A composition    by each student.

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