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Passive and Active Verb Practice

A student page by Mai Takano - Thank you, Mai!

Japanese is ____ by Japanese.
A) speak
B) spoken
C) tell
D) told

Michael ____ three languages.
A) speak
B) spoken
C) talks off
D) speaks

My friends and I ____ tic-tac-toe right now.
A) are playing
B) have played
C) plays
D) played

Dance Dance Revolution ____ by youngsters.
A) playes
B) played
C) is played
D) is playing

When my grandmother was young, the big earthquake ___ in Tokyo.
A) occur
B) occurred
C) was occurring
D) was occured

Since 9/11, the news ____ everyday.
A) is reporting
B) reported
C) were reported
D) has been reported

In Japan, a newspaper ___ at every train station.
A) are sold
B) is sold
C) is selling
D) sell

That movie ___ at a theater this week.
A) is showing
B) is show
C) are show
D) are showing

The rule ___ at the boot camp.
A) are obeyed
B) is obeyed
C) obeys
D) may obey

I think I ___ my flu to him, but I'm not sure.
A) am transmitted
B) transmit
C) transmitted
D) transmitting

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