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Causatives 4 - LET

Causatives are a common sentence structure in English. 
These are used when a person allows (gives permission to) another person to do something.

subject causative - LET
(change verb form as necessary)
agent main verb
(simple form)
The teacher
will let
never let
her sister
the students
her sweater.
an early break.
my car!

Use the causative [LET] when person A allows person B to do something:

The mechanic let me pay by check.
(Meaning: He gave me permission to pay by check.)

My mother will let us have a party on Saturday night.
(Meaning: My mother gave permission to have a party on Saturday night.)

Your Turn:
Instructions: Type the correct words in the spaces below.
When you are done, click the Check button to see how you did.

My sister Maggie, and I play on a girls' soccer team.

Sometimes, my coach allows me to play goalie.
(Example) Sometimes, my coach  me  goalie.

Coach Jones never allows Maggie to be the goalie.
(1) Coach Jones never Maggie the goalie.

He usually gives her permission to play the position of midfielder.
(2) He usually  her  the position of midfielder.

Even though some players on our team are not very good players,
Coach Jones always allows them to participate in the game.
(3) Coach Joans always  them   in the game.

Last week we lost a game because I allowed my friend to take the ball, but the other team stole it.
(4) I  my friend  the ball, but the other team stole it.

Next time, I won't allow my friend to run with the ball.
(5) Next time, I won't  my friend  with the ball.

At the end of soccer season, all the parents of the girls allow them to throw an all-night party.
(6) All the parents of the girls them an all-night party.

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