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Causatives 3 - GET / ACTIVE

Causatives are a common sentence structure in English. 
They are used when a person causes another person to do something.

subject causative - GET
(change verb form as necessary)
agent infinitive object
The teacher
will get
am going to get
her sister
the students
my friend
to wash
to study
to apologize
the dishes.
to Susan.

Use the causative [GET] when person A wants person B to do something:
I'm going to get my brother to repair my car.
(Meaning: I want my brother to repair  my car.)

My English teacher will get each student to make a presentation in class.
(Meaning: My teacher wants each student to make a presentation in class.)

Your Turn:
Instructions: Type the correct words in the spaces below.
When you are done, click the Check button to see how you did.
I'm going to go on a road trip, 
so I need to get my car prepared for the journey.

First, I want the mechanic to change the oil.
(Example) First, I'll  the mechanic  the oil.

Next, I want the brake specialist to inspect the brakes.
(1) Next, I'll  the brake specialist  the brakes.

Then, I want someone at the garage to check the tires.
(2) Then, I'll  someone  the tires.

After that, I want the mechanic to tune up the engine.
(3) After that, I'll  the mechanic  the engine.

Next, I want the service station attendants to wash my car.
(4) Next, I'll  the attendants  my car.

After that, I want them to clean the windows.
(5) After that, I'll  them  the windows.

Finally, I want the service station attendants to put fuel in my car.
(6) Finally, I'll them  fuel in my car.

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