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Causatives 2 - HAVE / PASSIVE

Causatives are a common sentence structure in English. 
They are used when a person causes another person to do something.

subject causative - HAVE
(change verb form as necessary)
object main verb
(past participle form)
The teacher
will have
am going to have
her car
the lesson
my house

Use the causative [HAVE] when a person arranges for something to be done:

I'm going to have my car repaired.
(Meaning: I've arranged for my car to be repaired.)

My sister will have her hair cut.
(Meaning: My sister has arranged for her hair to be cut.)

Your Turn:

Planning a wedding is a lot of work! We are going to get married in November.
We've finished many of the tasks, but some are still not finished.

Instructions: Type the correct words in the spaces below - use the same tense.
When you are done, click the Check button to see how you did.

I already arranged for someone to make my dress.
(Example) I  my dress .

My sister has arranged to reserve the church for November 14th.
(1) My sister  the church  for November 14th.

My fiance will arrange to rent a tuxedo to wear at the wedding. 
(2) My fiance  a tuxedo  to wear at the wedding.

My parents are going to arrange to decorate the church and reception hall with flowers.
(3) My parents  the church and reception hall  with flowers.

My brother is arranging to book the band to play at the reception.
(4) My brother  the band  to play at the reception.

My fiance's parents are arranging to design the wedding rings for us.
(5) My fiance's parents  the wedding rings  for us.

We are asking a friend of ours to decorate the wedding cake.
(6) We the wedding cake  by a friend of ours.

Number of correct answers : 

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