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Subject-Verb Agreement

Choose the correct verb for each sentence below.
When you are done, click the Check Answers button.

1. Cammy is one of the supervisors who __ the new product will sell this year.believe believes

2. The Red Cross announced that more than 2,000 units of blood __ been collected so far this month.has have

3. One-third of the town ___ water from the well near the school.receives receive

4. Finding other lessons ___ the responsibility of the teacher.are is

5. All of the animals in the shelter ___ homeless.are is

6. Neither his sister, nor her friend, ___ they should go to the movies tonight.think thinks

7. Scientists are worried that a number of species of animals ___ to be dying out.seems seem

8. The number of animals dying out each year ___ increasing every year.are is

9. Studying English ___ always easy.isn't aren't

10) Everyone at the party ___ having a great time.are is

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