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Two-Part Verbs with "CALL"


s = separable
n = non separable

Phrasal verbs have a special meaning when they are
used together. There are often many meanings for the
same words though.


In this lesson, we'll learn and practice these words:

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to call back
to call off
to call up
to call on
to call out
to call for
to return a telephone call
to postpone, delay or cancel something
to telephone someone
to ask a student to speak in class/visit somebody at their home
to shout aloud
to require / to need
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Choose the correct phrasal verb to complete the sentences.

1. Our grammar test will be called ____ because Friday is a holiday.
A) out B) off C) on  D) back 

2. The job calls ____ a secretary who is intelligent and hardworking.
A) for B) on C) off D) out

3. We will have to call ____ the picnic because of the rain storm.
A) up B) on C) off D) for

4. The people called ____ for help when the brakes of the bus failed.
A) out B) back C) off D) on

5. My friend calls me ____ almost every day.
A) back B) on C) off D) up

6. In movies, a wedding reception calls _____ crystal glasses of champagne.
A) for B) off C) back D) out

7. My sister called me while I was out, so I need to call her ____ now.
A) for B) back C) out D) on

8. The cookie recipe calls ____ two cups of flour and one cup of sugar.
A) up B) for C) on D) off

9. I hope I know the answer when the teacher calls ____ me!
A) off B) up C) back D) on

10. "Mary, I can't talk now, can you please call me ____ in about 10 minutes?"
A) out B) on C) back D) off

  You havecorrect answers out of 10

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