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Two Games in One - Practicing Yes / No Questions

Here's how to play: 
*Put one pre-prepared label on each student's back. (see below)
*Players aren't allowed to see their own label, but they can view everyone else's.
*The students must ask yes/no questions to find out what their name/job is. 
*They may ask one student 3 questions, then they must move to another student.
* Before the activity, explain the game you're going to play, and have the class generate some yes/no questions and write them on the board for assistance during the game. 
*Some examples: Do I work inside? Am I a singer? Do I make something? Am I an actor? Do I cook? Do I use a typewriter? Am I athletic?
Who Am I?
Before class, make some labels or stickers with the name of a famous person on each label. Students must determine who they are.
What Am I?
Before class, make some labels or stickers with a different job written on each label.
Students must determine what their profession is.
Here are some suggestions for 
Famous People

President Clinton, Madonna (singer)
Michael Jackson (singer), Arnold Schwarzenegger (actor), Cindy Crawford (supermodel), Sharon Stone (actress), Prince Charles (British Royal), Pele (soccor player), Xuxa (Brazilian TV star), Eva Peron (Argentine Royal)

Variation: Famous Dead People

Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Princess Diana, Johann Sebastian Bach, William Shakespeare, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Charlie Chaplin, John F. Kennedy, Mother Theresa

Or, of course, use famous people from your own country your students would know....

The fun here is in giving roles that are atypical of the student - for example, give shy students an outrageous role, and give loud students an artistic role. It can be very funny!

Here are some suggestions for 

Actor, Police Officer, Baker, Supermodel, Doctor, Fire Fighter, Dog Catcher, President of a Company (CEO), Astronaut, Secretary, Babysitter, Circus Performer, Movie Director, Queen of a Country, 
Ballet Dancer, Professional Basketball Player, Professional Baseball Player, Sumo Wrestler, etc...

The fun here is in giving roles that challenge the social norms - for example, 

WOMEN/GIRLS: doctor, fire fighter, police officer  sumo wrestler, dog catcher; 

MEN/BOYS: ballet dancer, secretary, supermodel, babysitter, baker

It's quite amusing to the students, and it makes a point that we still think in stereotypes!

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