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TOO / ENOUGH                                       ANSWER KEY
He is too short.
He isn't tall enough.
I have enough money.
 too = extra, more than necessary  enough=the right amount  enough=the right amount
1.  too 
2. enough
Mom: I'm sorry, but it is ___ cold to go swimming today. 
Son: Do you think it will be warm ___ to go swimming tomorrow?
3. enough
4. enough
I hope I have ___ money to buy a ticket to the concert. 
If I don't have ___ money, then I can't go.
5. too
6. enough
Irene ate ___ much pizza. Now she feels sick. 
Two slices of pizza are usually ___ for me, but Irene ate six slices!
7. enough
8. too
Does Pablo have ___ money to buy gas for his car? 
Gas is much ___ expensive these days!
9. too
10. enough
That box is ___ heavy. I can't lift it. 
Maybe my father is strong ___ to lift the box. 
11. too
12. enough
Sara is 3 years old. She is ___ young to go to school. 
She isn't old ___.
13. enough
14. too
Jack isn't tall ___ to reach the top shelf of the book case. 
He is ___ short.
15. too
16. too
An elephant can't come in my bedroom because the bedroom door is ___ small. 
An elephant is ___ big to come in my room.
17. enough
18. too
A baby isn't old ___ to drive a car.
A baby is ___ young to drive.
19. too
20. enough
A child is ___ young to smoke cigarettes.
A child isn't old ___ to buy cigarettes.
21. too
22. enough
I stayed up very late last night. I stayed up ___ late.
I didn't go to bed early ___. 
23. too
24. enough
I spilled tea on my shirt. My shirt is ___ dirty to wear to school now.
My shirt isn't clean ___ to wear until I wash it.
25. too
26. enough
I can carry my suitcase. It isn't ___ heavy. 
It is light ___ for me to carry all by myself.
27. enough
28. too
I can put my dictionary in my pocket. My pocket is big ___ for my dictionary.
My dictionary isn't ___ big to fit in my pocket.
29. too
30. enough
That diamond ring is very expensive. It's ___ expensive for me to buy.
I don't have ___ money.
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