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For or Since?             ANSWER KEY

For is used for general periods of time:
2 hours, three days, one month.
Since is used for a specific time:
1998, January, last week, one month ago.

I have studied English......

      1.     FOR  two months.
      2.   SINCE  January.
      3.   SINCE  the beginning of the year.
      4.     FOR  about 10 minutes.
      5.   SINCE  I was a child in elementary school.
      6.     FOR  six weeks.
      7.     FOR  a long time.
      8.     FOR  three days.
      9.   SINCE  I was 14 years old.
      10.   SINCE  a year ago.
      11.     FOR  a year.
      12.     FOR  twelve days.
      13.   SINCE  1997.
      14.   SINCE  I came to America.
      15.     FOR  3 hours a day, for the last two years.
      16.   SINCE  April
      17.     FOR  five weeks.
      18.   SINCE  the beginning of the semester.
      19.   SINCE  this class started.
      20.   SINCE  two weeks ago.
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