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A simile is a fun way to compare someone to something. 
Here are some examples:
A person with a bad sunburn can be described this way: 
She's as red as a lobster! (A lobster is red, and she is red.)
A person who is stubborn can be described this way: 
He's as stubborn as a mule. (A mule is stubborn, and he is stubborn.)
Now try to guess the similes below. Good luck!
Choose a word and write it into the boxes below.

__blind __free __hard __quiet __strong
__busy __fresh __high __red __sweet
__clear __good __light __regular __tough
__clever __happy __old __sick __weak
 1. He's as ______ as a bat. He needs glasses.  2. Mary's as ______ as a bee. She works a lot.
 3. Shhh! Be as ______ as a mouse!   4. MaryEllen's as ______ as the hills. She's 97 now!
 5. It's as ______ as a feather. I can lift it.  6. It's as ______ as a bell. I can hear it.
 7. I always feel as ______ as a daisy after my shower.  8. It smells as ______ as a rose. Yummmm!
 9. She's as ______ as a fox. She's very sly. 10. He's as ______ as a dog. Poor guy!
11. A newborn baby is as ______ as a kitten.  12. Lee is as ______ as a bird. He got out of jail yesterday.
13. She's as ______ as a beet. She is embarrassed! 14. She's as ______ as a lark. She's getting married today.
15. My bed's as ______ as a rock. I can't sleep on it. 16. The kids were as ______ as gold. I loved babysitting them.
17. John's as ______ as an ox. He can lift anything. 18. Mick's as ______ as a kite. He got some really good news.
19. The train comes as ______ as clockwork. It's never late. 20. The soldier was as ______ as nails. He slept in the jungle for a week.
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