Simple Present  - ANSWER KEY
Choose the correct form of the verbs below:

1) Diego   D   breakfast. He always gets hungry in class.
__A) is __B) isn't __C) don't eat  X D) doesn't eat

2) Buses usually   C   in the daytime. 
__A) are __B) aren't  X C) run __D) runs

3)  Many doctors   B   in a hospital, but some work in a clinic.
__A) is  X B) work __C) works __D) doesn't work

4) The streets   A   wet because it is raining. 
 X A) are __B) is __C) isn't __D) doesn't do

5) Danny and Cecelia   C   French, but they speak English. 
__A) is __B) speaks  X C) don't speak __D) doesn't speak

6) A dog   A   a nice pet. 
 X A) is __B) are __C) don't know __D) doesn't have

7) Jennifer   B   in New York City. 
__A) are  X B) lives __C) don't live __D) doesn't like

8) Elena   D   her bicycle to school every day. 
__A) is __B) ride __C) don't ride  X D) doesn't ride

9) I   A   sick today. 
 X A) am __B) is __C) feels __D) doesn't feel

10) The movie   C   exciting!
__A) am __B) aren't  X C) is __D) doesn't drive

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