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How much or how many?

(Remember: Non-count nouns use much and count nouns use many.)

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Write MUCH or MANY in the blanks below.
  1. How   MUCH   milk is in the refrigerator?
  2. How   MANY   tomatoes are in the salad?
  3. How   MANY   apples should I cut up?
  4. How   MUCH   time do you have to go shopping?
  5. How   MANY   things do we need from the store?
  6. How   MUCH   money will I need?
  7. How   MUCH   flour should I use to make bread?
  8. How   MANY   glasses should I wash for the party?
  9. How   MANY   people are coming?
  10. How   MUCH   cheese did you buy?
  11. How   MANY   fun things are there to do at Disneyland?
  12. How   MUCH   traffic was on the freeway this morning?
  13. How   MUCH   gas is in the car?
  14. How   MANY   cars does Jason have?
  15. How   MUCH   snow is on the ground?
  16. How   MANY   clouds are in the sky?
  17. How   MANY   pets do you have?
  18. How   MANY   oceans are there in the world?
  19. How   MUCH   water is in the ocean?
  20. How   MANY   fish are in the ocean?



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