The CopyCat Game 2
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A copycat is someone who agrees with everything you say. 
Imagine your young brother copying everything you say - that's how this game is played.
 I'm tired   - copycat answer: So am I.
          I like cookies.    - copycat answer:  I do too.
Choose the correct statement to AGREE with the first sentence.
1) I liked my dance class yesterday.
____So did I. ____I was not. ____Too was I.  ____I was too.

2) Delma was a travel agent.
____I did too. ____I could too. ____I was too. ____I should too.

3) Leyle enjoyed visiting California.
____I was too.  ____So did I too. ____So was I. ____So did I.

4) Clark used to eat hamburgers every day.
____I was too. ____So did I.  ____So was mine.  ____So was I. 

5) I studied English last year.
____I was too. ____So could I.  ____I did too.  ____So was I. 

6) Marcus already did his homework.
____I will too. ____ I was too. ____So was I. ____I did too.

7) Jack wrote a letter to his family.
____I could too. ____I do too. ____I did too. ____So would I.

8) Mikhail was a dancer in the ballet.
____I did too. ____So was I. ____So did I. ____So should I.

9) The teacher went to college.
____I did too. ____I was too. ____And I was. ____So was I.

10) I am finished with this exercise.
____So am I. ____So was I. ____I do too. ____So was I.
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