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Pass the Bell Trivia Game 5 - Focus on Comapratives and Superlatives
Intermediate Level          Gameboard with Questions   Rules for Play
As ...as 
Tell me about watermelons and grapes.  What does honey have in common with sugar? (Honey is as sweet as sugar.) Tell me about love and money.
(__ isn't as important as __.)
Tell me about dancing on the table, and running across the freeway. (Dancing on the table is just as crazy as running across the freeway.) Tell me about standing in the rain and taking a shower.  All answers must contain as...as.
The Best Trivia
 Which planet is nearest the sun?
 Which language is spoken by most people in the world?
What's the most commonly used letter of the alphabet? (E)  What's the highest score in a gymnastics exercise? 
 Where are the most expensive seats at a bullfight?
(in the shade)
All answers must be given in complete sentences.
Lots of people make a party fun. (The more, the merrier.) Fresh fruit tastes good. (The fresher, the better.) I'm studying hard. I'm learning a lot.
(The more I study, the more I learn.)
Cheese makes a pizza taste really good. (The more cheese, the better the pizza.) Hot summer weather is getting closer.
(The closer summer gets, the hotter the weather.)
Answers must contain a double comparative.
Simply The Best
What ocean is the largest in the world? 
(the Pacific)
What's the fastest cat in the world?
(a cheetah)
Where is the smallest bone in a human body located? 
(in the ear)
What is the highest mountain in Africa? 
What’s the smallest country in the world? 
(Vatican City)
All answers must contain a superlative.
Compare Texas and California.

(Texas > CA)

What is the highest mountain in the world?
(Mt. Everest)
Compare the Nile River and the Mississippi River. 
(Nile is longer.)
Compare the Atlantic Ocean to the Indian Ocean.  (Atlantic >Indian) Compare Australia &  Africa.


All answers must be given in complete sentences.
Science and Nature
Compare a cat to a dog. Compare a whale to a dolphin. Compare a snake to a lizard. Compare an insect to a spider. (A spider has more legs.) Compare an Indian elephant to an African elephant.  All answers must contain a comparative.
The U.S.A.
Name the smallest state in the U.S. (Rhode Island) Where was the first capital of the United States? (New York City) In which state are the most turkeys and avocados grown? (California) Which state is the southernmost state in the United States?
Which state is the largest gold-producing state in the nation? 
All answers must be given in complete sentences.
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