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Past Unreal (Untrue) Conditionals 6 - Answer Key
If it had rained yesterday,
(It did not rain yesterday.)
I would have needed an umbrella.
(I didn't need an umbrella.)
If I hadn't done my homework,
(I did my homework.)
I wouldn't have passed the test.
(I did pass the test.)
If Marie had been hungry,
(Marie was not hungry.)
she would have eaten dinner.
(She did not eat dinner.)
If the teacher hadn't been angry,
(The teacher was angry.)
he wouldn't have looked so upset.
(He looked very upset.)
Write the correct form of the verbs in the blanks below and use WOULD:
1. If the weather had been nice last weekend, we (to have)   WOULD HAVE HAD      a picnic.
Was the weather nice last weekend?yes or no?   NO    Did we have a picnic? yes or no?   NO 
2. My family (to visit)  WOULD HAVE VISITED  the zoo if the weather had been nice yesterday.
Was the weather nice yesterday? yes or no?   NO    Did my family visit the zoo? yes or no?   NO 
3. If I had bought a lottery ticket, I (to waste)  WOULD HAVE WASTED  one dollar!
Did I buy a lottery ticket? yes or no?   NO    Did I waste my money? yes or no?   NO 
4. My friend (to write)  WOULD HAVE WRITTEN   a letter to me if she had had my address.
Did my friend have my address? yes or no?   NO   Did she write a letter to me? yes or no?   NO 
5.  I (to get)  WOULD HAVE GOTTEN   a promotion if I hadn't been late to work ten times.
Did I get a promotion? yes or no?   NO    Was I late? yes or no?   YES 
6. My supervisor (not rise)   COULDN'T HAVE RISEN   to the top if she hadn't been a good employee.
Did she rise to the top? yes or no?   YES    Was she a bad employee? yes or no?   NO 
7. If Stephan had been at work, he (not be)  COULDN'T HAVE BEEN  in that accident.
Did Stephan go to work? yes or no?   NO     Was he in an accident? yes or no?   YES 
8.  My son (not wash)  COULDN'T HAVE WASHED  his car if today hadn't been Saturday.
Is it Saturday? yes or no?   YES     Did my son wash his car today? yes or no?   YES 
9.  If the factory had hired more workers, it (not fall)   WOULDN'T HAVE FALLEN  so far behind schedule.
Did the factory hire more workers? yes or no?   NO    Did the factory fall behind schedule? yes or no?   YES 
10. We (not learn) WOULDN'T HAVE LEARNED  anything if we hadn't practiced.
Did we study? yes or no?   YES    Did we learn something? yes or no?   YES 
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