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Past Unreal (Untrue) Conditionals 5
If it had rained yesterday,
(It did not rain yesterday.)
I would have needed an umbrella.
(I didn't need an umbrella.)
If I hadn't done my homework,
(I did my homework.)
I wouldn't have passed the test.
(I did pass the test.)
If Marie had been hungry,
(Marie was not hungry.)
she would have eaten dinner.
(She did not eat dinner.)
If the teacher hadn't been angry,
(The teacher was angry.)
he wouldn't have looked so upset.
(He looked very upset.)
Write the correct form of the verbs in the blanks below:
1.  If the weather (to be) ___________ nice last Sunday, we would have gone swimming.
Was the weather nice last Sunday? yes or no? _____ Did we go swimming? yes or no? _____
2.  My family would have gone to the zoo if the weather (to be)_____________ nice yesterday.
Was the weather nice yesterday? yes or no? _____  Did my family go to the zoo yesterday? yes or no? _____
3.  If I (to buy) ___________ a lottery ticket yesterday, I might have won the lottery today.
Did I buy a lottery ticket yesterday?  yes or no? _____    Could I have won the lottery today? yes or no? _____
4. My brother would have driven to school if he (to have) ___________ gas in his car.
Did my brother have gas in his car? yes or no? _____  Did he drive to school? yes or no? _____
5.  My mom would have baked a cake if she (to have) ____________ enough flour and sugar.
Did she have enough flour and sugar? yes or no? _____  Would she have baked a cake? yes or no? _____
6. Ben couldn't have driven to school if he (not get) ___________ his car fixed.
Did he get his car fixed? yes or no? _____  Did he drive to school? yes or no? _____
7. If it (not snow) ___________ last night, we couldn't have gone skiing today.
Did it snow last night? yes or no? _____   Did we go skiing today? yes or no? _____
8.  Daniel couldn't have washed his car if today (not be) ___________ Saturday.
Was today Saturday? yes or no? _____    Did my dad wash his car today? yes or no? _____
9.  If we (not had) ____________ to go to work, we could have slept all day today.
Did we go to work today? yes or no? _____  Did we sleep all day? yes or no? _____
10. We wouldn't have learned anything if we (not do) ______________ our homework last night.
Did we do our homework? yes or no? _____  Did we learn? yes or no? _____
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