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Present/Future Unreal (Untrue) Conditionals 4  ANSWER KEY     (RESULT CLAUSE PRACTICE)
Use a simple past verb.
Use would/could + present verb.
If it rained today,
(It is sunny today.)
I would need an umbrella.
(I don't need an umbrella.)
If I didn't practice English,
(I practice English.)
I couldn't say much in English.
(I can say a lot in English.)
If Marie were hungry,
(Marie is not hungry.)
she would eat dinner.
(She will not eat dinner.)
If I weren't happy,
(I am happy.)
I wouldn't be smiling.
(I am smiling.)
Write the correct form of the verbs in the blanks below. Use WOULD:
1. If you were a fish, what kind of fish   WOULD    you (to be)   BE    ?
Are you a fish? yes or no?   NO 
2.  Sara (to wish) WOULD WISH  to communicate with animals if she threw a coin in a wishing well.
Is Sara making a wish? yes or no?   NO   Can she communicate with animals? yes or no?   NO 
3.  If Mary could be an animal, she (to like) WOULD LIKE   to be a dolphin.
Can Mary be an animal? yes or no?   NO   Is she a dolphin? yes or no?   NO 
4. Frank (to pass) WOULD PASS   his test if he studied more often.
Will Frank pass his test? yes or no?   NO   Does he study often enough? yes or no?   NO 
5.   WOULD   you (to tell)  TELL   your friend if her underwear were showing?
Is your friend's underwear showing now? yes or no?   NO 
6. The thief (not steal) WOULDN'T STEAL   money if he were rich.
Is the thief rich? yes or no?   NO   Will he steal money? yes or no?   YES 
7. If the world ended today, I (not be) WOULDN'T BE  prepared.
Will the world end today? yes or no?   NO 
8.  Daniel (not want) WOULDN'T WANT  a sandwich if he weren't hungry.
Is he hungry? yes or no?   YES   Does he want a sandwich? yes or no?   YES 
9.  I (not believe) WOULDN'T BELIEVE  it if I didn't see it with my own eyes!
Do I believe it? yes or no?   YES   Do I see it with my own eyes? yes or no?   YES 
10. If I didn't save my money carefully, I (not pay) COULDN'T PAY  my bills.
Do I spend my money foolishly? yes or no?   NO   Can I pay my bills? yes or no?   YES 
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