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Homework Evaluation
Assignment:___________________________________ Date:___________
Student:________________________  Teacher: _____________________
3 points
2 points
1 points
0 points
Knowledge Demonstrated
Shows complete understanding of the concepts, ideas, and/or processes in the assignment. Shows satisfactory understanding . Shows some understanding. Shows a complete lack of understanding.
ALL items are correct. Most items are correct. Some items are correct. Less than half of homework is correct.
Spelling and Grammar
Work has few misspellings or major grammatical errors. Work has some misspellings and/or major grammatical errors. Work has several misspellings and/or major grammatical errors. Work has a great number of spelling errors and major grammatical errors.
Gives complete answers or goes beyond the assignment requirements. Gives satisfactory answers and meets the objective. Gives the bare minimum required. Put forth no effort.
Legible handwriting, typing, or printing. Marginally legible handwriting, typing, or printing. Writing is not legible in places. Work is illegible.
TOTAL: _____ /15 GRADE:
Strong points:__________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________
_____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ 

Suggestions for improvement: ______________________________________________________
_____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________

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