Passive with GET + PAST PARTICIPLES & ADJECTIVES 1          Name:_____________________
When "get" is used with a past participle, it has the same meaning as "become" or "grow."
Some Examples:
If I work for a long time, I get tired. In other words, I become tired or I grow tired
If I have nothing to do, I get bored. In other words, I become bored or I grow bored.
1. My boyfriend asked me to marry him. We...  A) got engaged B) got divorced C) got done
2. I heard a strange noise last night, and I...  A) got invited B) got scared C) got tired 
3. After my shower, I...  A) got crowded B) got lost C) got dressed 
4. I wanted to go to the party, but I didn't...  A) get killed B) get invited C) get worried 
5. In the freeway accident some people...  A) got crowded  B) got sunburned C) got hurt
6. Unfortunately, two people...  A) got confused  B) got dressed C) got killed 
7. I thought the book would be dull, but I really...  A) got interested  B) got acquainted C) got tired 
8. Jack didn't understand the teacher. He...  A) got crowded B) got married C) got confused
9. Our classroom has too many people. The class...  A) got drunk B) got crowded C) got engaged
10. I can go to the movies after my homework...  A) gets finished B) gets involved C) gets crowded
Passive with GET + ADJECTIVES
11. It's late and I haven't eaten dinner yet. I'm... A) getting hungry B) getting angry  C) getting dirty 
12. When it's late at night, most people... A) get hungry B) get sleepy C) get angry
13. People who drink too much caffeine might... A) get hot B) get angry C) get nervous 
14. On a hot day, people... A) get full B) get thirsty C) get busy
15. People who win the lottery...  A) get hungry B) get busy  C) get rich
16. When you eat a big dinner, you...  A) get hungry B) get old C) get full
17. It's my birthday today. I'm...  A) getting old B) getting thirsty C) getting serious
18. If you spin around fast, you can... A) get rich B) get quiet C) get dizzy
19. When students take a test, they usually... A) get full B) get anxious C) get wet
20. When it snows outside, it... A) gets cold B) gets warm C) gets late
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