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This activity is a great conversation activity that's easy to direct and fun for the students. It works for all levels of English, and most class situations.
  • Dreamhouse Worksheet
  • Blank piece of paper
  • Colored pencils or crayons or markers

  • Procedure:

  • Pair up students (wherever possible, students who don't share L1)
  • Give each pair a Dreamhouse worksheet and a blank piece of paper.
  • Each pair has 15-20 minutes to draw a blueprint of their dreamhouse.
  • They should try to make it as detailed as possible.
  • Each pair presents their dreamhouse to the class, explaining how many rooms, the type of rooms, furniture, special features, etc.
  • Give each pair 5 minutes to make their presentation.

  • Variations:

  • Assign activity as homework, students give an in-class presentation the following day.
  • Students choose one room and cut out pictures from magazines to decorate it. Then they give an in-class presentation explaining why they chose what they did.
  • Make up your own variation!
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