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Spelling -ED and -ING Words  2                             ANSWER KEY
2 or more syllable words with a Consonant-Vowel-Consonant pattern:
1) See if the word ends in a C-V-C pattern:     visit
2) Determine if the word stress on the first syllable or the second syllable:
VISIT:      VI-sit or vi-SIT
VIsit has the stress on the FIRST syllable, so it gets ONE consonant  = visited/visiting
ADMIT:      AD-mit or ad-MIT?
ad-MIT has the stress on the SECOND syllable, so it gets TWO consonants = admitted/admitting
Look for the CVC pattern, then....
1) Stress on FIRST syllable = ONE consonant
2) Stress on SECOND syllable = TWO consonants
***NOTE: The CVC rule does not work for words ending in w, x, y, z
Now it's your turn...look for CVC!
and word stress
1) open
2) permit
3) happen
4) demand
5) replay
6) listen
7) begin
8) enjoy
9) prefer
10) occur
11) suffer
12) rehearse
13) control
14) travel
15) ladle
16) offer
17) admit
18) visit
19) vanish
20) select
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