DO vs. MAKE                                                                          ANSWER KEY
The verbs DO and MAKE often cause a lot of confusion.
Read the sentences and choose the correct answer:
1) Please ____ dinner reservations for 6pm. A) make
2) Have you ____ your homework yet? B) done
3) I was ____ the dishes when the phone rang. B) doing
4) I think I ____ a mistake. Can you check this for me? A) made
5) Who is ____ all that noise outside?! A) making
6) Is Mary ____ her nails again? She just painted them yesterday! B) doing
7) Will Sylvia ___ her own hair for the party, or go to the hairdresser? B) do
8) It's not nice to ____ fun of other people. Nobody likes to be laughed at. A) make
9) Could you please ____ me a favor? B) do
10) I ___ a sandwich for lunch. A) made
11) He ____ a promise to me, but it was a lie. A) made
12) ____ your best on the test. Good luck! B) Do
13) I have to ____ the laundry tonight. I have nothing to wear. B) do
14) Children, please don't ____ trouble for the babysitter! A) make
15) Have you ____ any plans for the weekend yet? A) made
16) I ____ really well on my test. I got an A+! B) did
17) I'm going to the gymnasium to ___ some exercise. I need to work out. B) do
18) Kids, clean your rooms and ____ your beds too. Then you may play. A) make
19) Who____ the housework when you are sick? B) does
20) Frank ___ a habit of interrupting people. He's annoying. A) makes
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