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The verbs DO and MAKE often cause a lot of confusion. 
          Correct Forms Common Mistakes 
I did my homework.  NOT:
I haven't done the dishes yet.  NOT:
I made my homework.
I haven't made the dishes yet.
I was hungry, so I made a snack.  NOT:
The kids made trouble for the teacher.  NOT:
I was hungry, so I did a snack. 
The kids did trouble for the teacher.
Here are some general guidelines: 
Use -DO- for talking about a general activity.
· Do you know what he is doing? · If she does that, she'll be sorry later.
Use -DO- for performing tasks: working, cooking, shopping, cleaning, etc.
· On the weekend I don't do any work. I don't do my homework, I don't do any cleaning, and I don't do any gardening either! I like to be lazy on weekends. · My husband never does the cleaning, but he often does the shopping. 
Use -MAKE- for preparing, creating or producing things.
· I made a cup of tea, then I made myself a snack.  · Some cars make too much noise!
Here are some common expressions with DO and MAKE:
do homework
do an assignment
do exercises (grammar)
do laundry
do business
do good
do one's best
do a favor
do one's hair
do housework
do research
do exercise (physical)
do the dishes
do evil
do drugs
do a good job
do well (succeed)
do one's nails
make an appointment
make a plan
make arrangements
make an excuse
make a mistake
make an effort
make a promise
make breakfast/lunch
make the bed
make a habit of
make trouble
make noise
make love/war/peace
make a reservation
make a decision
make an offer
make an exception
make an error
make an attempt
make an appearance
make a phone call
make some changes
make a profit
a disturbance
make fun of
make the most of
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