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Oral Current Event Grading Guide
Assignment:___________________________________ Date:___________
Student:________________________  Teacher: _____________________
4 points
3 points
2 points
1 points
Choice of Article
Article is carefully chosen for it relevance to class material. Article chosen is relevant to class material. Article relevance is weak. Article chosen is irrelevant to class material. 
Is delivered orally to the class with a conversational voice that is easily understood. Is delivered orally in an understandable voice.  Delivery voice is hard to understand and material is read. Delivery voice is inadequate to be understood.  Material is read without understanding.
Attitude and Delivery
Is delivered with an attitude of contribution.  Attitude does not detract from delivery. Attitude is not one that adds to delivery. Attitude detracts.
Vocabulary is looked up ahead of time for meaning and pronunciation Most vocabulary is looked up ahead of time. Some vocabulary struggles. Vocabulary is struggled with during delivery.
Knowledge Demonstrated
Shows complete understanding of the concepts, ideas, and/or processes in the article. Shows satisfactory understanding. Shows some understanding. Shows a complete lack of understanding.
TOTAL: _____ /20 GRADE:
Strong points:__________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________
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Suggestions for improvement: ______________________________________________________
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