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-Mixed Time Clauses-
Match these sentences by choosing the correct ending.
____1. Ann will lock the doors  A. if it doesn't rain tomorrow. 
____2. We're going to the beach  B. after she buys some paint.
____3. Before Jeff goes to sleep,  C. after I go to London. 
____4. If I get a job soon,  D. before she goes to bed. 
____5. They went to the zoo  E. he will do his homework. 
____6. The show will start  F. you can get an account for free.
____7. After Sara moved out, G. I will tell him my good news. 
____8. When I call Mike tomorrow, H. as soon as the curtain goes up.
____9. While David was working,  I. I will take you out to lunch. 
____10. I'm going to Paris  J. when Mary came to visit. 
____11. A shark bit my foot K. I'll pay my rent.
____12. After Max put on his glasses, L. when I log on to the internet later.
____13. I filled out an application M. as soon as he logs on to the internet every day.
____14. As soon as I get my paycheck, N. robbers went to his house!
____15. I'm going to check my email O. her parents got lonely.
____16. I checked my email P. he read her love letter.
____17. Peter always checks his email Q. after I logged on to the internet yesterday.
____18. If you want an email account,  R. she forgot the words to the song.
____19. Ann will paint her bedroom S. before I went to the job interview.
____20. While Susan was singing, T. while I was swimming. 

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