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[main clause]   Sebastian will take a shower before he goes to bed. [time clause]
[USE: future with WILL/BE GOING TO]
[USE: simple present tense]
[time clause] After Sebastian takes a shower, he will go to bed. [main clause]
[USE: simple present tense]   comma ->   ,
[USE: future with WILL/BE GOING TO]
   B    1) We will go out to lunch ____.
A) when the class ended
B) when the class ends
C) when the class will be ending
D) when the class is going to end
   C    2) Nancy will attend class ___.
A) after she is finishing her homework 
B)  after she finished her homework
C)  after she finishes her homework
D)  after she will finish her homework
   D    3) The teacher is going to give a quiz___.
A)  when the other students arrived
B)  when the other students are arriving
C)  when the other students came
D)  when the other students arrive
   A    4) ___ he's going to eat it.
A) After the cat catches the mouse, 
B) After the cat caught the mouse,
C) After the cat will catch the mouse, 
D) after, the cat catches the mouse
   C    5) ___ as soon as the weather becomes sunny.
A) We be going to the beach,
B)We go to the beach,
C) We will go to the beach,
D) We will be going to go to the beach,
   D    6) As soon as Selin ___ her MBA program next month, she's going to work at IBM.
A) finished 
B) will finish
C) is going to finish
D) finishes
   A    7) Before the party starts tonight, ___.
A) we are going to buy some snacks.
B) we buy some snacks.
C) we are going to buying some snacks.
D) we did buy some snacks.
   B    8) After the bird eats some birdseed, ___.
A) it fly away.
B) it's going to fly away.
C) it's will fly away.
D) it will to fly away.
   C    9) While I am studying for my test later today, ___.
A) my sister makes lunch.
B) my sister will be going to make lunch.
C) my sister is going to make lunch.
D) my sister made lunch.
   B    10) My friends are going to go to a party, ___
A) while I worked tonight.
B) while I am working tonight.
C) while I was working tonight.
D) while I worked tonight.
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