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Melanie's Trip to the Doctor - Two-Part Verbs with "CALL"

s = seperable
n = non seperable
Two-part verbs are also called phrasal verbs.
The two parts have a new meaning when they are used together.
(s) to call back
(s) to call off
(s) to call up
(n) to call on
(n) to call out
- to return a telephone call
- to cancel something
- to telephone someone
- to visit somebody at their home
- to shout aloud

Read the story and choose the correct particle to complete the two-part verb.

1) Melanie didn't feel very well, so she called the doctor __ to make an appointment.
A) ___up B) ___on  C) ___back  D) ___out
2) The doctor examined Melanie and ran a few tests on her.  He told her that he 
would call her ___ later with the test results.          A) ___on  B) ___off   C) ___out   D) ___up
3) Melanie wasn't at home yet when the doctor called her __, so the doctor left a message. 
A) ___on B) ___up C) ___for D) ___off
4) Melanie had to call the doctor ___ when she came home.
A) ___out B) ___on C) ___back D) ___off 
5) The doctor told Melanie that she would need to go to the hospital on Wednesday for more tests.   Melanie was planning to have lunch with her friend on Wednesday, but now she would have to talk to her friend and call  __ their lunch.             A) ___on B) __off C) ___up D) ___back 
6) After Melanie canceled her lunch date, she walked next door to call ___ her neighbor. Melanie and her neighbor, Sara, are good friends.                  A) ___off B) ___back C) ___out D) ___on
7) Melanie knocked on Sara's door, and loudly called ___, "It's me, Melanie! Are you home?" 
A) ___back B) ___out C) ___on D) ___for
8) Sara called ___, "Hi Mel, come on in!" 
So, Melanie went into Sara's house to tell Sara about her day.
A) ___out B) ___on C) ___off D) ___up 
9) While Melanie was telling Sara about the doctor's visit, Mel's husband called ___, "Melanie, come home quickly! The doctor is on the phone for you!" Melanie rushed home to talk to the doctor.                                                                 A) ___up B) ___back C) ___out D) ___off 
10) After Melanie hung up the phone, she turned to her husband and smiled. "Honey, the doctor phoned to tell me some good news. He called ___ the tests at the hospital because I don't need them after all! And guess what? We are going to have a baby! Melanie and her husband hugged each other happily. Melanie's day was great after all. 
A) ___on B) ___back C) ___off D) ___out

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