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Possessives: Intermediate and Advanced

Usually, apostrophe S ('s) is not used with non-living things
In this case, the of-construction is either maintained (the leg of the chair) 
or a compound noun is formed (the chair leg).

1) Someone hit ____ when I was parked at the mall. (the door to my car)
A) my car's door 
B) my car door 
C) my car's door's

2) I'm going to Hawaii in ___. (a time of two days)
A) two days time
B) two day's time
C) two days' time 

3) I met ____ at a party last week. (three of the five sons of Frank)
A) Frank's three sons 
B) three of Frank's sons
C) three of Frank's son's

4) We're studying about ___.   (the War that happened in 1812)
A) the war of 1812 
B) 1812's War
C) the 1812's war

5) The ___ is damaged. (the top of the box)
A) the box's top
B) the box top
C) the top's box

6) The scientists will give the report ___.    (Length of time: 2 months)
A) in two months' time
B) in two month's time
C) in two monthes' time

7) I heard some strange noises in ___.   (the barn of our cows)
A) our cows's barn
B) our cows' barn
C) our barn's cows

8) We'll have dinner in ____ . (Length of time: 20 minutes)
A) twenty minutes's time
B) twenty minute's time
C) twenty minutes' time

9) On Thanksgiving, we usually eat ____ . (a dinner of turkey)
A) a turkey dinner
B) a turkey's dinner
C) a dinner's turkey

10) Class, I'd like to tell you about ____. (the accomplishments of Abraham Lincoln)
A) Abraham Lincolns's accomplishments
B) Abraham Lincolns' accomplishments
C) Abraham Lincoln's accomplishments

You have correct answers out of 10

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