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Irregular Plural Nouns 6

Choose the correctly spelled word to complete each sentence.
1) My belief and your ___ may differ.
A) believes
B) beliefs
C) beleifs
2) One child is here and 
the other ___are outdoors.
A) childs
B) childrens
C) children
3) This mouse is brown. 
The other ___are white. 
A) mice
B) mices
C) mouses
4) This tooth hurts and so do my other ___.
A) tooths
B) toothes
C) teeth
5) A snail has one foot. 
An octopus has eight ___. 
A) foots
B) feet
C) feets
6) One woman is tall, 
but the other ___ are short.
A) women
B) womans
C) womens
7) This red fish and those green, 
blue, and black ___ are beautiful.
A) fishs
B) fish
C) fishies
8) This year's Little League World Series was more exciting than all the ___before.
A) serieses
B) serieum
C) series
9) One memorandum was late, 
but the other ___were on time.
A) memoranda
B) memorandums
C) memorandae
10) The tile roof didn't catch fire,
but all of the wooden ___burned.
A) roofes
B) roovs
C) roofs
11) One bacterium can become 
thousands of  ___in just minutes.
A) bacteriums
B) bacteria
C) bacterias
12) We saved one potato, 
but we cooked the other two___.
A) potateos
B) potatos
C) potatoes
13) I want to see this video 
and those___ too.
A) videos
B) videoum
C) videoes
14) An earthquake is one phenomenon of nature.
Other __ of nature include lightning and floods.
A) phenomenons
B) phenomenas
C) phenomena
15) People have one life
but it's said that a cat has nine___.
A) lifes
B) lefis
C) lives
16) Did you say one zero, or two ___?
A) zeroes
B) zeroos
C) zeeros
17) One  auto is black, 
but the other___are green.
A) autoes
B) autos
C) auteos
18) Mr. Ikeda's thesis is different 
from the other___.
A) thesis
B) thesises
C) theses
19) This cactus is pricklier than these ___.
A) cacti
B) cactuss
C) cactius
20) Did you take one photo, or two___?
A) photoes
B) photose
C) photos
You have correct answers out of 20

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