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RULE THREE: To add "-ly" to words with "le", drop the e, add "-y".
for example: 
terrible -> terribly
horrible -> horribly

Type in the correct word for each blank. 
Then click on the Check Answers button.
probable ->
He  went home.
subtle ->
She spoke about him.
able ->
He  lifted the heavy box and carried it outside.
noble ->
The man on the bus  gave his seat to the old woman.
He  repaired the computer.
Mary laid the baby down .

RULE FOUR: To add ly to words ending in a ll, simply add "-y" at the end.
for example: 
full -> fully
dull -> dully
droll ->
Sara told a joke.
shrill ->
Ramona screamed at her boyfriend.
full ->
Steve extended his thumb in the "hitchhike" position.
dull ->
The coin shined at the bottom of my bag.

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