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Choose the correctly spelled word to complete each sentence.
1) They formed a __ bond.
A) coheesive
B) cohesive
C) coheassive
2) His __ is bothering him.
A) consciensce
B) concience
C) conscience
3) Jason received a __ for his behavior.
A) suspension
B) susspension
C) suspention
4) Don't __ the animals.
A) provouk
B) pravoke
C) provoke
5) He made a ___ in science class.
A) penduluum
B) pendulum
C) pendjulum
6) He used a towel to __ the water.
A) absorb
B) abbsorb
C) abzorb
7) Use your power of __ to win people over.
A) persusion
B) persuasion
C) persuazion
8) The __ man was arrested.
A) dissruptive
B) disrupteve
C) disruptive
9) Her __ was remarkable.
A) bravery
B) bravry
C) braverey
10) That is a __ tablecloth.
A) ginghum
B) gingum
C) gingham
11) A person with lots of new ideas is called a __ .
A) Liberel
B) Liberal
C) Liberral
12) The airplane is ready for __.
A) dessent
B) decent
C) descent
13) The __ event is being planned.
A) impending
B) inpending
C) imppending
14) The __ destroyed the administration.
A) disent
B) discent
C) dissent
15) They wanted to __ the team mascot.
A) abduckt
B) obduct
C) abduct
16) The __ might win the case.
A) defendant
B) defendent
C) deffendant
17) Jack felt __ when he lost.
A) dejeckted
B) dejected
C) dejectid
18) We all must __ with each other.
A) coexits
B) coeexist
C) coexist
19) The __ of computers was revolutionary.
A) advent
B) advint
C) addvent
20) This question is ___.
A) mandetory
B) manndatory
C) mandatory
You have correct answers out of 20