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Choose the correctly spelled word to complete each sentence.

1) Ice cream is __ to frozen yogurt.
A) compareable
B) comparable
C) comparible
2) Sharks __ almost anything.
A) consumme
B) cunsume
C) consume
3) A __ is also called a dresser.
A) bureau
B) burauo
C) burreau
4) A __ ride would be fun.
A) gondohla
B) gondela
C) gondola
5) He played in a ___.
A) consert
B) concert
C) conscert
6) The government __ is upset again.
A) faction
B) facktion
C) facsion
7) The __ of the wedding was well-done.
A) cordination
B) coordination
C) coordinasion
8) The __ sank in the lake.
A) catemaran
B) catmaren
C) catamaran
9) I need to __ inches to centimeters.
A) convert
B) cunvert
C) converte
10) The trash will __ in 100 years.
A) decompost
B) decumpose
C) decompose
11) A diamond is a hard __ .
A) substanse
B) substance
C) substence
12) She's a __ for the high school.
A) benefacter
B) benfactor
C) benefactor
13) An __ is a shy person.
A) introvert
B) intrevert
C) intruvret
14) Don't __ your little brother by the ankles!
A) susspend
B) saspend
C) suspend
15) A __ fell off her dress.
A) sequen
B) secquin
C) sequin
16) It's time to __ with the others.
A) rendezvous
B) rendezvou
C) rondevous
17) Jack will __ in the race.
A) compeate
B) compete
C) compeet
18) Don't try to __ the law.
A) circumvend
B) circkumvent
C) circumvent
19) It's __ to the post office.
A) adjacent
B) ajacent
C) adjascent
20) Don't __ this last question.
A) ommit
B) omitt
C) omit
You havecorrect answers out of 20.