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Choose the correctly spelled word to complete each sentence.
1) She works on a __ committee.
A) conservashion
B) conservation
C) conserveation
2) He's got a __ lighter.
A) disposible
B) dissupposable
C) disposable
3) The speech needs a __.
A) conclusion
B) concklusion
C) cunclusion
4) The South Pole is an __ environment.
A) archtic
B) artic
C) arctic
5) She paints in a ___.
A) bunglow
B) bungalow
C) bungelow
6) The __ experiment is finished.
A) compound
B) coumpond
C) compond
7) The __ was costly.
A) ommission
B) omission
C) ommision
8) He is __ to dogs.
A) alerrgic
B) allerjick
C) allergic
9) She always wears __ jeans.
A) indigo
B) indego
C) endego
10) That company uses __ methods.
A) cunventional
B) convantional
C) conventional
11) I need to make a __ .
A) confesshun
B) confession
C) conffession
12) She's a __ in high school.
A) sofomore
B) sophmore
C) sophomore
13) That story had a lot of __ on me.
A) influence
B) inffluence
C) influince
 14) A __ is a type of house.
A) puweblo
B) pwueblo
C) pueblo
15) We saw an __ in the museum.
A) arctifact
B) artifack
C) artifact
16) It's time to __ this meeting.
A) adjourn
B) adjurn
C) ajourn
17) Please __ your middle name.
A) abbreeviate
B) abbreviate
C) abreviate
18) The __ of the kidnapping was successful.
A) preventien
B) prevension
C) prevention
19) An __ commands ships.
A) admiral
B) admireal
C) admiril
20) The ship dropped __.
A) anckor
B) ancher
C) anchor

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