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Choose the correctly spelled word to complete each sentence.
1) You must be a __ in class.
A) particapant
B) participant
C) partisipant
2) We made some colored __ eggs.
A) Eester
B) Ister
C) Easter
3) They were __ by the noise.
A) frightened
B) fritened
C) frightned
4) He goes to __ school.
A) secondery
B) seckondary
C) secondary
5) George W. Bush is a __.
A) politishian
B) politician
C) politisian
6) The experiment showed no __.
A) effect
B) effeckt
C) afect
7) The answer is self- __.
A) explainatory
B) explanatory
C) explenetory
8) He went to the doctor for his __.
A) hedache
B) headacke
C) headache
9) His __ complaining is tiresome.
A) continuous
B) continnuous
C) continous
10) That child's behavior is __.
A) disrupteve
B) disrupptive
C) disruptive
11) The beach ball shouldn't __ .
A) ruppture
B) rupture
C) rupchure
12) She is a __.
A) supperintendant
B) superintandant
C) superintendent
13) I think the film __ is broken.
A) projector
B) projecter
C) prujecter
14) He's a ___ party.
A) dis-interested
B) disintrested
C) disinterested
15) He is a __ man.
A) sollitary
B) solitery
C) solitary
16) The trees came from the __.
A) nursery
B) nursary
C) nursury
17) Noise may __ a volcano eruption.
A) preeced
B) precede
C) preceede
18) A fence is the __ of one's property.
A) boundry
B) boundari
C) boundary
19) You need to use __ reasoning.
A) deductive
B) deducktive
C) deducive
20) That man was __ us.
A) threating
B) threatning
C) threatening

You havecorrect answers out of 20.