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Adjective + Verb: Sample sentence:
(be) dedicated to Pam is so dedicated to her work that some of her
colleagues think she's a workaholic.
(be) devoted to They thought the baron was devoted to the King,
but he turned traitor and fought against the Royal Army.
(be) disappointed in I am disappointed in Steve. He told my secret.
(be) disappointed with Henry seems to be disappointed with his exam results. He shouldn't have goofed off at university.
(be) discriminated against The Native Americans were discriminated against by the government.
(be) divorced from Peter is divorced from June, but he still loves her.
Some of Einstein's ideas might appear to be divorced from reality.
(be) done with When Sara was done with the chores, she went shopping.
(be) dressed in  The bride wore jeans and the bridegroom was dressed in a morning suit!

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