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Phrasal Verb: * Meaning: Example:
TAKE AFTER n to resemble Pat takes after his mother. They are both short and blonde.
TAKE APART s to dismantle or disassemble Martin took his watch apart, but he couldn't put it back together.
TAKE BACK s to retrieve something you gave or said My friend gave me a gift, but then he rudely took it back!
TAKE BACK s to return Pam took the radio back to the store because it was broken.
TAKE CARE OF n to provide care for; to watch one's health I have been taking care of my sister since she returned home from the hospital.
TAKE CARE OF n to take responsibility for; to make arrangements A) I need to wash the dishes.
B) No no. Let me take care of them.
TAKE OFF n to depart; to leave The flight to Bermuda took off at 6 p.m.
TAKE OFF s to remove clothes Take your coat off and stay a while.
TAKE OFF s to be absent from work I'm taking next week off, so hold my messages please.
TAKE OUT s to go somewhere with a friend; to invite someone on a date Frank took his supervisor out for dinner.
Steve took Mary out three times last week.
TAKE OUT s to remove something from an enclosed place Please take your books out and turn to page 47.
TAKE OVER s to gain control of Do you think Bill Gates is trying to take over the world?
TAKE  UP s to begin a new hobby Betty took knitting up last month and she made me a sweater. 
TALK INTO s to persuade to do something Peter talked Mary into helping him move.
TALK OUT OF s to persuade not to do something Mary talked Peter out of moving.
TEAR AWAY s to remove reluctantly Romeo tore himself away from Juliet.
TEAR DOWN s  to dismantle; to disassemble The old hotel was torn down last year.
TEAR OFF s to remove something by tearing The soccer player tore his shirt off when his team won the game.
TEAR OUT s to remove something from a book by tearing Don't tear the pages out of your book. You'll ruin it!
TEAR UP s to damage, remove, or make an opening in The construction workers tore up the street to lay a new water pipe.
TELL OFF s to speak to someone bluntly and negatively, saying exactly what she or he did wrong The supervisor told Frank off in front of the entire office.
THINK OVER s to contemplate; to give something a lot of thought Before making any big decision, you should think it over for a long time.
THROW AWAY s to discard as trash; to put in the garbage Don't throw these documents away because we'll need them later.
THROW OUT s to discard as trash; to put in the garbage Don't throw these documents out because we'll need them later.
THROW OUT s to forcibly make someone leave Those people are drunk and making everyone uncomfortable. The manager should throw them out.
THROW UP s to vomit Ulysses threw his lunch up all over his desk. Yuck!
TICK OFF s to make someone angry; to irritate someone When people smoke near me, it really ticks me off!
TIP OFF s to inform Martin tipped the police off about the bank robbers' location.
TRY ON s to put clothes on to see if they fit Terry tried the blue sweater on, but it was too big.
TRY OUT s to use a machine briefly to determine how well it works; to test to see if something is suitable I'd like to try a Mac computer out. I've never used one before.
TRY OUT n to audition; to try to win a place on a team Billy tried out for the basketball team, but he was too short.
TURN AROUND s move so that you are facing the opposite direction I want my desk facing the window. Will you help me turn it around?
TURN AROUND s to make changes for the better The drug addict really turned his life around. He's a best-selling author now.
TURN DOWN s to decrease the volume of something Turn the radio down before you wake the dead!
TURN DOWN s to decline; to reject Tina turned Patrick down for a date. Poor Patrick's heart was broken.
TURN IN s to submit or give work done for someone I turned the report in to my manager.
TURN IN n to go to bed I'm pretty tired. I'm gonna turn in now.
TURN IN s to report wrongdoers to the authorities The witness turned the robber in. Now he's going to get a reward.
TURN OFF s to stop a machine or electrical device Please turn off the lights when you leave the room.
TURN OFF s to disgust; to repel People who smoke really turn me off.
TURN ON s to start a machine or electrical device Turn on the TV please. I want to watch Judge Judy.
TURN ON s to interest very much; to excite Do romantic walks on the beach turn you on?
TURN UP s to increase the volume of something Turn up the TV, I can't hear it!
TURN UP n to appear unexpectedly We were all surprised when Julia Roberts turned up at the party!
n = non separable
s = separable