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Phrasal Verb: * Meaning: Example:
SAVE UP s to collect money for future use Mimi and Charles are saving up for a new car.
SELL OUT s to sell the entire supply of something The tickets to the Rolling Stones concert have been sold out. We can't go.
SEND BACK s to return something I sent the package back because I didn't order it.
SET BACK s to cause a delay in scheduling There is a problem with the report that has set us back at least two days.
SET BACK s to cost money How much did your new coat set you back?
SET OFF s to set in motion; to cause to begin The crazy man set a bomb off.
SET OFF n to leave; to depart We set off to Los Angeles early to avoid the traffic.
SET UP s to start, organize, or configure Jenny talked to Sara about setting up her computer.
SET UP s to make arrangements for something I'm going to set a meeting up for 9:30. Is that OK?
SETTLE DOWN n to start living a quiet family life You're already 30 years old. It's really time for you to settle down.
SETTLE DOWN s to get someone to quiet down We need to settle the baby down. The neighbors are trying to sleep.
SHAKE OFF s to free oneself from Are you ever going to shake that cold off? You've been coughing for three weeks!
SHAKE UP s to stir someone's feelings; to upset someone Patrick was really shaken up when he saw the bank robber.
SHAKE UP s to jar or jolt The collision shook up both drivers.
SHAKE UP s to reorganize something on a large scale The company shook the management structure up and fired a lot of employees.
SHAVE OFF s to remove hair by shaving Why did Sinead O'Conner shave all her hair off?
SHOOT DOWN s to make something hit the ground by shooting it Charles shot a duck down when he went hunting.
SHOOT DOWN s to reject an idea, suggestion or proposal Danielle shot Pablo down when he asked her to go out on a date with him.
SHOP AROUND n to go to many different merchants to find the best price I really like the Chanel dress, but I am going to shop around to see if I can find a better price.
SHOW OFF n to try to impress by doing or showing something Brett rode his bicycle off the stairs to show off. Too bad he broke his arm!
SHOW OFF s to display something to impress others Some parents dress their kids in expensive clothes to show them off.
SHOW UP n to arrive; to appear The manager was very upset when you didn't show up for the meeting. Where were you?
SHOW UP s to do a noticeably better job than someone else Everyone thought the red team would win, but the blue team did. The blue team really showed them up.
SHUT OFF s to turn something off; to stop a machine Bill shut the gas off after the earthquake.
SIMMER DOWN n to become less angry Steve let his wife simmer down before he asked her for forgiveness.
SIT AROUND n to just sit not doing much A) What did you do last weekend?
B) Not much. I just sat around and watched TV.
SLIP UP n to make a mistake You slipped up when you told Sara about her surprise party. You shouldn't have done that.
SPEAK UP n to speak more loudly You should speak up in class. Nobody can hear you.
SPEED UP s to increase speed suddenly The car speeded up to avoid the red light.
SPLIT UP s to divide The bank robbers split the money up equally.
STAND FOR n to represent A.S.A.P. stands for as soon as possible.
STAND FOR n to tolerate; permit The manager won't stand for his workers to be late. He fires anyone who comes late more than 3 times.
STAND IN FOR n to take someone's place In old times, the oldest brother stood in for his father when he went to war.
STAND OUT n to be noticeably better than other similar people or things Pam's work really stands out from the other employees. Her work is fantastic.
STAND UP s to make a date but not keep it Peter planned to go dancing with Mary, but she stood him up and went with Carlos instead.
STAND UP n to rise to a standing position When the President entered the room, everyone stood up.
STAY IN n to not go out Barry decided to stay in this weekend because it was raining.
STAY OUT n to remain away from home for the evening; to not return home Would you get angry if your boyfriend stayed out all night?
n = non separable
s = separable