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~ English-Zone.Com Phrasal Verbs Dictionary ~

Phrasal Verb: * Meaning: Example:
RIP OFF s to cheat; to steal; to take advantage of; to charge too much Someone ripped my motorcycle off when I was at work.
ROUND OFF s to change from a fraction to the nearest whole number Round all sums off to the closest whole number. For example, round 78.9% to 79%.
RUN ACROSS n to find something unexpectedly; to discover by chance I ran across an old love letter when I was cleaning my room. It was such a surprise. I thought I'd burned them all!
RUN AFTER n to pursue; to chase The police were running after a bank robber when they accidentally hit my car.
RUN ALONG n to go away; to be on one's way Thanks for the tea. I have to run along now.
RUN AWAY n to escape from your guardians; to leave home secretly The Boxcar Children is a fun book about 5 kids who ran away from home and traveled around in the boxcar of a train.
RUN DOWN n to cease to operate because of the exhaustion of motive power The radio isn't working because the batteries have run down. We need to buy some more batteries.
RUN DOWN n to decline in physical condition or vigor I'm feeling very run down this week. I hope I'm not getting sick. Maybe I need some vitamins.
RUN IN s to arrest for a usually minor offense The police ran Jeff in yesterday. He had 12 parking tickets!
RUN INTO n to meet by chance; to see someone you know unexpectedly When Sara went shopping, she ran into Julia Roberts. Sara was too surprised to speak.
RUN OFF s to chase (obj.) away. That crazy dog ran the bear off. I couldn't believe my eyes!
RUN OFF WITH n to steal; to carry off The kids ran off with some candy from the store.
RUN OUT OF n to use the last of; to finish the supply of something We ran out of milk, so we had to go to the market.
RUN OVER s to hit (obj.) with a vehicle Did you hear? Some idiot ran Stephen King over!
RUN THROUGH n to spend or consume wastefully and rapidly Some women can run through money like it grows on trees.
RUN UP s to increase a total amount Some men run their credit card bills up so high that they can't pay them at the end of the month.
RUSH IN n to enter quickly We rushed in because we were late.
RUSH OUT n to exit quickly The workers all rushed out because it was time to go home.
n = non separable
s = separable