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Phrasal Verb: * Meaning: Example:
PAN OUT n to succeed; to happen as expected - used for plans A) Weren't you planning to buy a car?
B) Yes, but the deal didn't pan out.
PASS AWAY n to die Nurse: "The patient passed away at 5:00, doctor."
PASS OFF s to pretend that work is yours Dan tried to pass a Shakespeare poem off as his. What an idiot!
PASS OUT s to distribute The teacher passed the test papers out.
PASS OUT n to lose consciousness; to faint Tom drank too much beer. He passed out around 9:00 and didn't wake up until the morning.
PAY BACK s to repay a loan or a deed Sam shouldn't have told them my secret. I will pay him back one of these days!
PAY OFF s to completely pay all of the money you owe If I won the lotto, I'd pay all of my bills off. Then I'd buy a house!
PAY OFF s to bribe someone; to pay someone in order to avoid trouble In some countries you can pay off the police.
PICK OFF s to shoot or bring down especially one by one Max really knows how to shoot. He picked the bottles off with no trouble at all!
PICK ON n to intentionally try to make someone upset; to bully someone It's not nice to pick on people, but kids do it all the time.
PICK OUT s to choose; to select Mom: "When you go to the store, pick a good melon out for dessert."
PICK UP s to lift; to take up Please pick your books up from the dinner table now.
PICK UP s to give someone a ride I can pick you up for work at 7:30, ok?
PICK UP s to buy; to get I need to pick up some eggs at the store.
PICK UP s to revitalize; to refresh I felt much better after I ate lunch. It really picked me up.
PITCH IN n to work together; to help; to join together to accomplish something The villagers pitched in and built a community house in only two days.
PLAY DOWN s to make something seem less important Sara played the award down, but she really should be proud of herself.
PRINT OUT s to print something from a computer Please print my composition out for me.
PULL AWAY n to move off or ahead The speeding car pulled away from the police car.
My parents are pulling away from each other. I hope they don't get a divorce.
PULL DOWN s to pull something so that it comes down Bobby! Don't pull your pants down outside!
PULL OFF n to escape punishment ;to avoid criticism Edgar pulled off the bank robbery. He never got caught!
PULL OVER s to drive a vehicle to the side of the road The police officer pulled me over and gave me a ticket for speeding.
PULL TOGETHER n to work together; to help; to join together to accomplish something The villagers pulled together and built a community house in only two days.
PUT AWAY s to return something to its proper place Please put your books away. It's time for dinner now.
PUT BACK s to replace something where it was previously If you're finished with my dictionary, can you please put it back?
PUT DOWN s to insult someone It's not nice to put people down, but kids do it all the time.
PUT DOWN s to kill a sick or injured animal When the police dog got sick, the vet said it was necessary to put him down. The dog would not recover from his injuries.
PUT OFF s to postpone; to delay Many students put off doing their homework until it's too late.
PUT ON s to dress oneself; to don Put your coat on or you'll get cold.
PUT ON s to gain weight Steve looks like he is putting a little weight on.
PUT ON s to kid; to tease; to mislead someone for amusement; to try to make someone believe something ridiculous or untrue Don't believe a word of what Sara was saying. She was just putting us on!
PUT OUT s to extinguish The firefighters put the fire out
PUT OUT s to inconvenience someone; to cause difficulties for someone I'm sorry to put you out, but can you give me a ride to the train station?
PUT OUT s to publish; to issue Did you know that People Magazine is put out by the same company as Time Magazine?
PUT UP s to return something to its proper place Please put your books up. It's time for dinner now.
PUT UP s to give food and shelter; to provide someone with a place to sleep Don't get a hotel room! I'd be happy to put you up!
PUT UP s to preserve for future use; to can; to make preserves My grandma Ruby used to put tomato juice up every summer. It tasted really good!
PUT UP WITH n to tolerate; to endure I don't like to put up with noisy children.
n = non separable
s = separable