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~ English-Zone.Com Phrasal Verbs Dictionary ~

Phrasal Verb: * Meaning: Example:
KEEP AWAY s to not allow to come near In stories and legends, garlic keeps vampires away.
KEEP ON (-ing) n to continue Keep on going! You can do it! 
KEEP ON n to continue to remind someone to do something until it is done (even if it angers the person); nag My boss always keeps on me. She thinks I'll forget my own name if she doesn't remind me!
KEEP UP WITH n to maintain contact with I can't keep up with my father when we go riding because he goes too fast.
KEEP UP n to continue without interruption The rain kept up all night. I thought we'd have a flood.
KICK OUT s expel; force someone to leave because of his/her poor performance or unacceptable behavior The health club kicked Frank out because he didn't pay his dues.
KNOCK DOWN s to strike to the ground with or as if with a sharp blow My grandfather's old house was knocked down and a bank was built.
KNOCK OUT s to make unconscious The fight ended when one boxer knocked the other one out.
n = non separable
s = separable